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The iconic Nevada desert gathering, Burning Man has changed the title of its 2021 theme due to the previous one's colonial history of the phrase. The previously announced theme ‘Terra Incognita‘ is a Latin term which translates to "unknown land". It was commonly used in cartography during the 15th century to describe regions that haven't been mapped or documented. European colonizers also used

The American festival Burning Man set to take place this year from August 29th - September 6th 2021, has just presented their official theme called 'Terra Incognita'. Although due the current pandemic, the celebration of the event (as all of the other big live events in the world) is still uncertain, the organisers are already working towards it, after the cancellation

Burning Man's new documentary 'Art On Fire' is now available to watch on multiple platforms. 'Art On Fire' is a new 90-minute documentary brought to us by BAFTA-winning director Gerry Fox that takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at artists and their seemingly over-the-top installations featured at the iconic Burning Man festival.  The film follows artists responsible for the magnificent layout

Burning Man has organised a crowdfunding campaign in hopes to save the fate of future Burning Man festivals. The iconic desert festival held in Black Rock City, in a small secluded area of Nevada, has like many other festivals announced that they will not be holding the festival this year, which usually takes place late August into early September. The festival

Unarguably one of the weirdest times for the music industry right now due to COVID-19, it feels like no one can truly be excited about any upcoming events due to the uncertainty that is lingering in the air right now like a thick fog. With events from March-early May pretty much guaranteed to not be happening, the cancelation anticipation has

Burning Man has revealed plans for the Multiverse Man Base structure set to feature at this year’s edition, further adding to the festival’s already-prestigious reputation for their enthralling structures that encapsulate fans every year.  Every year, the beloved tradition of watching the Man burn at Black Rock City, manifesting the festival’s week-long end, proves to be a sight to behold for

One thing to know about Burning Man is that it is not a festival, but rather a temporary city. Heavily focusing on the theme of self-expression through artistic art pieces and art cars (with DJs like Flume and Carl Cox regularly appearing), the Black Rock Desert plays host to this city for nine days of the year in August and September and after it, it's like it

Grammy-award winning Australien producer and DJ Flume landed a couple of headlines this year, especially for his Burning Man performance, his recently released, Grammy-nominated mixtape 'Hi This Is Flume' and recently sliding into Rihanna's inbox suggesting a collaboration between him and the Barbadian pop-star. In an interview with Billboard, Flume now announced that he's working on a new album for 2020

After being off the grid for a while, it seems that Skrillex is back in full force, and the industry has welcomed him back with the same open arms that supported the breakthrough of his career all those years ago. With new tracks including a Dog Blood EP, a collaboration with TroyBoi and even more remixes, fans of the powerhouse producer are being well and truly