KSHMR shares ‘KSHMR in Kashmir’ performance: Watch

KSHMR, the American born producer and DJ, recently took a journey into his ancestral roots and journeyed to Kashmir, the land from which his father’s family emigrated as well as the inspiration for his stage name.  The incredible set takes place in the middle of a lake, as he floats on a raft and features cuts from his debut album, Harmonica Andromeda.

For KSHMR, this performance clearly was an incredible highlight in an already strong career as he labeled it “a truly special moment.”  Situated on a raft, in the middle of a lake, with the vastness of the water eclipsed by the land in the background, makes for a truly stunning visual, which only enhances the sounds and sonic landscapes of his music and production.  For the nearly hour long set, KSHMR remains perched atop the floating raft, while various shots reveal a small team on a long boat which navigates around the producer, getting close-up and wide shots of the set.  Combined with the wide and overhead drone footage, it makes for an intimate watch despite the clear vastness of the surrounding landscape.

While the release of the footage is exciting for fans, and a worthwhile watch for anyone interested in electronic music, different cultures and landscapes, it is of course just part of the arsenal that makes KSHMR such a unique and valued member of the dance music community.  While matching his particular production style and sounds may be tough for most, his very popular KSHMR sample packs continue to invigorate and inspire producers around the world.  With the recent release of Sounds of KSHMR Vol. 4, he has continued to deliver high quality sample packs in between his busy tour and production schedules.  For some inspiration, or just take a break and relax with some amazing music and beautiful sights, check out the full KSHMR in Kashmir performance video below.


Image Credit: KSHMR (Press) / Provided by Electric Love Festival