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Medusa Festival closes as stage collapse causes multiple injuries & 1 death

Medusa Festival in Cullera, Spain, ends celebrations early as extreme weather conditions caused the tragic death of one festivalgoer, also injuring many others. The likes of Afrojack, Carl Cox, Timmy Trumpet and others were on the bill. They stated: “The concert venue has been vacated as a preventative measure to facilitate the work of the emergency services and police.”

Tragedy has struck for the 2022 edition of Medusa Festival, as in the early hours of this Saturday morning, 13 August, high winds that reached around up to 40mph (although some other sources are suggesting that there were highs of 51mph) caused the main entrance and part of the main stage structure of the festival to collapse. Due to this, one person who is described to be a 22-year-old male has sadly passed away due to injuries caused by the metal structures.

According to regional health service sources, around 40 people had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. On Facebook, Medusa Festival posted a statement, and you can read the translated text below:

‘It is a very painful moment. Difficult and heartbreaking. A tremendously sad and discouraging moment for relatives, friends. A moment no one should ever know. It is also the hardest moment that all of us who make up Medusa Festival ever think of going through. We remain devastated. Broken inside. So much so that almost no words come out. Our thoughts continually occupy each and every one of those affected, directly and indirectly, by the unfortunate, unexpected and unavoidable accident that has occurred tonight due to the extreme and unpredictable inclement weather during the celebration of Medusa Festival. Our audience is important. They have placed their trust in us and have been the fundamental pillar for us to continue here today. The safety of those attending our event has always been an absolute priority for us. Also workers and artists. We believe that all of you who know us know that the main thing is to protect you all in each of our events. For this reason, and because that continues to be our maxim, the Medusa Festival organization has made the decision to definitively cancel our festival. The adverse and unexpected weather conditions that are expected to continue throughout the day oblige us morally and out of responsibility to put an end to our 2022 edition. It is a day of mourning. And respect for those affected. We want to accompany you in the duel. And they will have us for everything they need. This unbearable suffering we also make ours. Again, we express our deep and sincere condolences. Thank you all for your understanding.’

Many have taken to Twitter to share videos of the high-speed winds, like this one:

Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy including the loved ones of the man who sadly passed away, and we are wishing those injured speedy recoveries. For further updates, visit Medusa Festival’s Facebook page here.



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