Avicii anthem ‘Without You’ was released 5 years ago

Tim’s (Avicii) music and legacy continue to live despite the gaping hole he left in the hearts of friends and fans across the world when he took his own life in 2018. This past week marks the 5 year anniversary of his single, ‘Without You’, featuring Sandro Cavazza, which was released on August 11th of 2017.

Without You would end up being one of two singles released from Avicii’s final album during his life, the 6 track ‘Avīci (01)’ EP, which would be released the same day.  While this was the official release, Avicii had been using the track in his sets throughout his 2016 performances, including as an opening track for his appearance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2016.  Upon release, the track was an instant hit with fans and fellow producers, as it featured aspects of Avicii’s production style from all era’s of his all too short career.  The upbeat guitar and piano lead that introduces the track shows the confidence Avicii had in these elements, building upon the sound he introduced on his debut album True. The vocal performance from friend and frequent collaborator Sandro Cavazza perfectly fits the energy and mood and becomes and instant sing along opportunity for fans everywhere.  As the chorus builds to the drops, Avicii features more of his “classic” elements and production style, with the electronic synths and percussion that take listeners back his Levels and Fade Into Darkness days.

Listening to Avicii, now over 4 years since he left this world, will always be bitter sweet.  Tim Bergling was a musical genius who very quickly left his impact on the world around him, and listening back, it is hard sometimes to think of the life lost, especially with the relevance of a title like Without You.  Every year on will mark another anniversary of his loss of life, but also a celebration of the many musical gifts and joys he brought to fans while he was here.  Although Avīci (01)’ would be his final release during his lifetime, his talent, passion and ability to create timeless music and melodies still remains as prevalent as it was when he started.


Image Credit: Rukes.com