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How to Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists

What Is the most effective way to submit music to Spotify playlists


Spotify has become the public’s most favoured music streaming platform, and with over 50 million subscribers, it’s fairly easy to see why. Users have the option to select Spotify for users and or Spotify for artists options when using the platform. Either option is a great method to reach new audiences and will help you get your music out there!.

The most effective way to get your electronic unreleased music on Spotify playlists is through music submissions to playlists related to your music genre. This guide will show you how to find and submit your own tracks to Spotify playlists in order to gain followers, fans, increase your income through music in the form of royalties, and eventually get noticed by Top Spotify playlists, such as Editorial playlists.


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What’s the main goal

Two of the biggest playlists on Spotify belong to Spotify itself, they are called “Editorial Playlists” or “Algorithmic playlists” like Discover Weekly for example.

Getting on these playlists could be a huge win for an artist and can change his/her career for good.

For more information on Spotify’s Editorial team, algorithmic playlists and editorial playlist, such as Weekly and Release Radar, see How to Get On Spotify Editorial Playlists. This article describes how to submit music to Spotify’s editorial team.

Basically, In order to get your music on these editorial playlists, you’ll need to trigger Spotify’s algorithm, you can do that by showing some serious streams and likes from users. To get this kind of traffic from users, you’ll first need to get on user-generated playlists.



Submit Music to Playlists

Spotify Playlist Submissions is a feature that allows artists and labels to submit music to playlists. These submissions can be live performances, remixes, cover versions or original tracks. A playlist placement is a great way to get your music out there on the platform and reach new audiences. This article is about submitting music to independently curated playlists.

Just Before You Begin

To increase the chances of your electronic music being included in Spotify playlists, please make sure you choose to submit your best tracks, this will give you the best chance to get your tracks heard. Make sure that all your social media accounts are linked and all your personal information is ready. It is also important that you verify your Spotify artist profile.



Look for playlists and influencers

Make sure Spotify playlist curators are willing to review your song, and before submitting your song, make sure that you have been given consent to do so from co-writers of the song and the master rights holder of the song.


Tips for finding the right playlists

Finding the right Spotify playlists will help your electronic music reach new audiences and you will be able to benefit from their loyal following. If you want to submit your music onto Spotify playlists, there are many ways to do so. It all depends on the type of content you want to create and where your audience is.

  • Find a playlist that fits your style.

Spotify has many playlists, some better suited for general exposure than targeting a specific audience. Pay attention to the following of each playlist and its description. This information will help you to identify if the playlist curator prioritises certain genres or moods. Some are into classic rock for example or a movie soundtrack, so they wouldn’t be a good fit for you.


  • The bigger the playlist, the harder it is to get your song on it.

The more followers a playlist has, the harder it will be to reach the playlist owner and find their contact information. Bear in mind, a curator with a playlist of 200,000 followers, is more picky when it comes to adding in new songs to his playlist, then a curator with a playlist consisting of 1,000 followers. You will need to strategically manage your time when it comes to searching and submitting your music to playlists.

Reach out and pitch

The next step is finding suitable Spotify playlists for your music. Spotify lets you see the latest playlist additions, so you’ll have to dig in and see what works for your new music.

Find Spotify playlists that suit your music genre and audience. For the obvious reasons, it is recommended that you look for Spotify playlists with lots of followers. The bigger the playlist is (in terms of followers) the more likes, streams and followers your song will receive. Make sure that the Spotify playlist you send your music to, is suitable for your music genre. This will give you the best shot at getting playlist consideration.

If your song is similar to an existing song on their playlist, this will increase your chances in getting your song on that playlist. Spotify playlist curators can be very strict when it comes to adding music genres and appropriate songs to their playlists.

Once you’ve found a few promising Spotify playlists, send them an email or an Instagram message asking them if you can submit your song to them. Some of them will reply, some won’t.

Bear in mind, curators are getting many requests every single day regarding playlist consideration, sometimes they cannot respond to everyone. It’s vital to keep in touch with playlist curators, so you can carefully try to follow up on ignored emails.

We always suggest trying to maintain relationships with these curators, as the stronger your relationship is, the better your chances are regarding playlist consideration.


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How to get your music on Spotify playlists fast and efficiently

We understand! Your time is valuable and you want your new music delivered to streaming services quickly and efficiently. We, at One Submit, help artists submit music to Spotify playlist curators and music blogs. Spotify playlist submission is one of the most effective ways to get your new music heard.

Artists also have the option to submit music to Radio stations, TikTok influencers, Record labels and YouTube music channels. For each submission, an artist will receive a review from one of our curators, if the curator likes your music, they’ll get you a playlist placement, a spot on a blog and/or on a channel.

Our service helps you submit music to user-generated playlists rather than editorial playlists. Also, If you have your own playlists, you should definitely check out our curator service.

So, to summarise

Assuming you want to grow your music career, your artists account and followers as well as create an audience for your music, submitting your music to Spotify playlists is definitely the way to go. Playlists can help you reach new audiences and gain momentum from your new loyal followers! We hope these tips will help you understand how this works so you can send tracks yourself and get your music out there. Remember, if you are an artist wanting to get your music on Spotify playlists, we at One Submit can help. Likewise, if you are a Spotify curator with your own playlist/playlists, feel free to get in touch. We aim to connect you with upcoming artists and find hidden gems within the industry across a variety of genres.

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