Avicii mega hit ‘Levels’ turns 11 years old

11 years ago today Tim Bergling aka Avicii released ‘Levels’, and the EDM world was never the same.

The progressive house track set the stage for producers and DJs alike and also still has the same impact when listening today as it did 11 years ago.  Prior to the formal release, the song premiered as an “ID” on BBC Radio 1 nearly a year earlier and was not played out until Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida in March of 2011.  Avicii has stated that he wrote the song around Etta James’ 1962 song ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’ and wanted to incorporate the vocal sample into a newly constructed track.  After nearly two years of experimenting with the sounds and testing the song on a variety of audiences all around the world, the final release came on October 28th, 2011 thus ‘Levels’ was born.

Receiving tons of recognition from top music critics all over the globe and climbing the charts in dozens of countries, including going 8 times platinum in Sweden, 7 times platinum in Australia, 3 times platinum in the United States, and among many more, ‘Levels’ still remains one of the most recognizable dance tracks of all time.  In an interview with Artist Direct, Avicii stated, “To me, it’s one of the career-changing tracks that I felt brought the whole AVICII brand to another level” 

Click below to stream ‘Levels’ and celebrate the song in all its glory on its 11th birthday below:

Image Credit: Rukes.com