Cristoph and LOWES

Cristoph & LOWES unveil high energy new single ‘Lucid Love’: Listen

Coming together for a massive new single are two bright UK dance acts, Cristoph and the musical trio of LOWES. The two entities combine their talents for a high energy, radio friendly dance track that should make as much of impact on the airwaves and charts as it does from club and festival stages around the world.

Starting off innocently enough, ‘Lucid Love‘ opens up with just an airy synth pad resonating throughout before the unmistakable voice of LOWES’ front woman, Evie Plumb, the 2021 BBC Radio 1 Dance Vocalist of the Year, bursts through with a smooth and beautiful opening line, “Lost and alone in the golden hour, Staring at nectarine skies, When I was going under, When I was going under.” The track quickly grows from here, as a pulsing bass and driving rhythm section arrives, providing for an immediate burst of energy, driving the song forward and creating a solid foundation for the vocal performance. With previous collaborations with the likes of CamelPhat and Alan Fitzpatrick, LOWES, and particularly singer Evie Plumb, certainly know the power of a solid melody and strong vocal performance and she delivers here once again.

Of course, her contribution only tells part of the story, as the production work of Cristoph is just as important for making this the club ready anthem that it is. The UK producer is currently wrapping up a trek through North America and has no doubt been leaning on this new anthem for his sets each night. While the vocal is powerful and beautiful, the production and orchestration of the track perfectly complements the vocal, enchanting listeners with its sleek lead under the repeated refrain of, “all we need is lucid love,” throughout the drop. ‘Lucid Love’ is a true showcase of two talented entities coming together to put the full arsenal of their talents on display. Expect ‘Lucid Love’ to remain in high rotation for a long time.

Image Credit: Cristoph (Press) / Provided by Neighbourhood PR