HI-LO and Layton Giordani pull you down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ with new single: Listen

HI-LO and Layton Giordani combine forces to bewitch you towards the ‘Rabbit Hole‘ on their latest techno belter.

These are undoubtedly exciting times ahead on the techno circuit. One of the latest explosive collaborations is starring HI-LO and Layton Giordani with the melodic techno-tinged new single ‘Rabbit Hole’. The hard-hitting techno anthem is out today for streaming and will be available for download on the 25th as part of the iconic Drumcode’s ‘A-Sides‘ compilation.

Drumcode is techno, HI-LO is very techno and Layton Giordani is definitely techno. This line of recoining leads to the undeniable conclusion that ‘Rabbit Hole’ is next level, with a banging bassline of blazing skies blended with hyper-realistic melodies. This powerful specimen is a wonderful ode to the genre and the best way to end the year. For techno fans, it will even feel like Christmas has come early.

HI-LO is the alias Oliver Heldens created about seven years ago as a vehicle for his darker and heavier sound. From day one he has been on the top of the techno charts with superb releases that translate an exquisite and unique musical production. Recently HI-LO released ‘Wanna Go Bang‘ and ‘Lokomotif‘ as EP on Drumcode, Layton Giordani’s regular home. With unusual expertise in manipulating synths and hard-hitting beats, Giordani has also stayed well afloat on the charts, making him the perfect duo for a techno belter. This really is a pairing made by the techno gods that has resulted in a ferocious delicacy.

‘Rabbit Hole’ has a merciless rhythm and percussion that forces you to raise your pace, including your heart rate. However, in the manner of HI-LO’s productions, those more industrial layers are not drawn in minimalist soundscapes but are involved in expansive melodies capable of filling underground clubs and also the main stages of big festivals. The cadence is hypnotic and the tension is tight, to end in an explosive, anthemic and passionate techno heater. Add it to your winter playlist now and listen to it here:

Image Credit: Oliver Heldens Press / Provided by The Media Nanny