House Music Essentials Vol 6. featuring Matroda, Will Sparks, Justin Miller & more

There is no denying this month has been truly epic in terms of releases. Initiating the groove and firing up the basslines around the globe, We Rave You presents our sixth edition of House Music Essentials featuring Matroda, Will Sparks, Justin Miller, Bleu Clair, San Pacho, Tommy Mambretti, FRASER, SEXPAYS, and obli. 

The fall season has definitely not fallen short of groovy releases to ignite those dancefloors around the world. From reverberating basslines and enticing vocal melodies to draw listeners in, We Rave You is excited to present the sixth edition of our house music essentials featuring top-tier artists Matroda, Will Sparks, Justin Miller, Bleu Clair, San Pacho, Tommy Mambretti, FRASER, SEXPAYS, and obli.

Matroda – “Temperature”

A true natural when it comes down to controlling the crowd with his ever-evolving production style,  Matroda is back with his electrifying single “Temperature.” The track’s infectious bassline gets the audience dancing as soon as they press play, incorporating a variety of drums and effects. Adding to its hypnotizing aura, Matroda layers the song with uplifting vocal cuts that bring some spice into the mix. Released on Matroda’s rising tech-house label Terminal Underground, the famous “matrodasound” is woven into “Temperature”’s melodies, buildups, and drops. Complemented by sequences of deep industrial-sounding bass, Matroda’s masterpiece has all the ingredients of another global hit, as the gifted DJ and producer continues his ascension to the house throne. A tune guaranteed to be bumped on repeat. Listen to the track below and connect with Matroda here.

Will Sparks – “Hard”

Going hard is an understatement when the legend Will Sparks takes the stage. Throwing it down with a fury of classics and unreleased tunes during his iconic set at Harbour Event & Convention Centre in Vancouver, Will Sparks is the one we trust to pump the party up a notch no matter what time of the day it is. Referred as the next big thing in the global music industry, the leading Australian DJ, Will Sparks, comes with his latest release ‘Hard,’ via Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. The EDM maestro is bringing power back to electro-house and techno, an amalgamation of horn-infused Dutch style and house-influenced bass lines. Will is taking innovation in electronic music by storm. Will Sparks has made a name for himself in a short span of time, emerging as an idiosyncratic talent in the music industry. His dauntless, diligent approach, amplified with fierce passion exclusively for the upbeat genre, brings the best out of him every time and he is proving it once again with his recent release. Listen to the tune below and connect with Will Sparks here.

Justin Miller – “In My Head” 

Aiming to satisfy your house music cravings, the rising American artist has returned to the scene with a sensational single, “In My Head.” The new tune is a club-ready creation and a follow-up to Justin’s previous Musical Freedom release, “Broken”. Equal parts entrancing and stimulating, “In My Head” opens with a four-on-the-floor rhythm, pulsing bassline, and a hypnotic vocal loop that entices listeners to surrender to the sound. With the use of future house synths and uptempo beats, “In My Head” is the quintessential track to kick off any weekend. With his sonic style ranging from tech house to electro and everything in between, it’s clear that Justin makes music that soundtracks moments on the dancefloor. Be sure to listen to the dance-floor-ready tune below and connect with Justin Miller here.

Bleu Clair – “New Age of House” EP

In just a few years, Indonesian-born artist Bleu Clair has become a household name in the tech house community. Pushing the boundaries of production, Bleu Clair has crafted his own unique style of house that radiates an unprecedented level of energy onto the dance floor. Spilling over into 2022, Bleu Clair has been on absolute tear, dropping house heaters left and right. Fulfilling his fan’s deepest desires, Bleu Clair has decided to present his groundbreaking five-track EP, “New Age Of House”. Featuring some of his previously released singles, such as “Aura” with Jargen, “Sand Dunes”, and “Killer Bee” with OOTORO and chyra, the EP also adds brand new bangers to the tech house scene. Spicing things up, a special collab with Dances With White Girls called “Peanut Butter” delivers a hypnotic bassline, layered with tantalizing vocals and piano progressions. “Love Capsule”, the last track on the EP, is a groovy masterpiece that gives an audience no option but to dance. As a whole, “New Age Of House” is a monumental EP, not only for Bleu Clair but for the future of house music as well. Listen to the full EP below and be sure to stay in touch with Bleu Clair here.

San Pacho – “As Long As We Got House” EP

Continuing to shock the tech house community, San Pacho is ready to drop his debut EP “As Long As We Got House”. The compilation features the recent house heaters of “Vale”, “Party People”, and global phenom “Amor”. Supplying the goods for his fanbase, as usual, San Pacho also includes three brand new tracks on the EP. “As Long As We Got House” is the opening song, encompassing a groovy bassline and eccentric lyrics. With the combination of hypnotic synths, electrifying drums, and tantalizing vocals, “If You Feel” is another track on the EP that is guaranteed to light up the dancefloor. Concluding with the piano-driven banger, “High Town”, this EP is clearly a turning point for San Pacho and will attract herds of followers to his movement. Be sure to stay up to date with San Pacho here and listen to the full EP below.

Tommy Mambretti – “Tell The World” ft. Lisa Kekaula

As one of Italy’s finest DJs, Tommy Mambretti is a renowned veteran in the music industry. At just 15 years old, he started mixing at the most prominent Italian clubs, such as Covo Di Nord-Est in Santa Marghertia Ligure.  Tommy is ready to showcase his production expertise to the world. A fitting name for his first track, the title of Tommy’s new single is “Tell The World”. Released on the popular house label of There Was Jack, “Tell The World” opens with uplifting vocals from Lisa. As her lyrics invigorate the soul, a funky disco beat comes into the mix. When the buildup arrives, drum rolls and vocal cuts emulate an energetic aura. Through other elements like crisp snare drums, cymbals, and stimulating synths, “Tell The World” is a house anthem infects listeners with an appetite for dancing. This exciting debut single is only the beginning for the gifted mind of Tommy Mambretti. Listen to the tune below and connect with Tommy here.

Obli – “Deeper”

Foreign Family Collective signee obli celebrates the delivery of his latest release on ODESZA’s famed electronic imprint. Slated for release on October 27th, “Deeper” is a fine exemplification of obli’s flourishing sonic profile that exudes an air of simplicity and dynamism. Opening with soft-synth piano chords and breakbeat percussion, obli starts his latest track “Deeper” off with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Blending arpeggiating melodies across the lead-in, a soulful vocal sample draws listeners in ahead of a deep percussive, yet the ambient display of obli’s production proficiencies in contemporary electronic music. Produced with intention surrounding the spontaneity of music creation, “Deeper” is the first track off of a forthcoming project on Foreign Family Collective that’s centered around initial inspiration. Where musicians can often mold an initial feeling that inspires a track, obli has set forth to preserve that emotion in hopes that listeners will share the same feeling. Listen to the track below and connect with obli here.


FRASER & SEXPAYS – “Midnight Beast” EP

Hailing from Canada, house DJ and producer FRASER is a veteran in the electronic scene. This artist has been in the game for over 11 years and recently earned a diploma for in-depth learning of Audio Recording Technology. Following the discovery of disco house producer SEXPAYS on Instagram, FRASER was inspired to launch this new character. The fellow artists decided to collab on a track together, but not long after they had created over five songs. Realizing how well they work together, FRASER and SEXPAYS now present us with their debut joint EP, “Midnight Beasts”. As a whole, “Midnight Beasts” is a groovy compilation of energetic basslines and innovative chord progressions. Just like FRASER says, the vintage French house and disco throughout each song is hypnotic to any listener. Jam-packed with funky vocal cuts and nostalgic rhythms, “Midnight Beasts” highlights FRASER and SEXPAYS’s promising future in the house community.

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