Polygon set to bring 3D multi-sensory environment to MDLBEAST Soundstorm

As the third edition of the annual MDLBEAST Soundstorm in Saudi Arabia is ahead of us, tech and music company Polygon are set to bring the worlds most advanced and forward-thinking 3D environment to the festival.

Founded back in 2018, Polygon is a company which prides itself on providing pioneering sound, lighting, engineering and design to live events, changing the game. Utilising all senses to provide an environment like no other for festival-goers and music lovers, this will be seen in action at the upcoming MDLBEAST Soundstorm on 1-3 December and in Thailand at Wonderfruit on 15-18 December.

But what is it all about exactly, and what is the technology involved in this? Polygon will bring an expertly produced and crafted area to each festival they appear at, being called a multi-sensory exploration environment. Utilising all senses – even including the unique use of scent dispersion – to transport music lovers away, it’s both a carefully thought out and wild piece of art and music technology. Together with L-Acoustics’ trailblazing L-ISA processor (the company which is notable for its use of spatial audio mixing), Polygon use this to build their hemispheric truss, rigging it with the system which makes use of L-Acoustics’ technology. Through this, it allows them to ensure that those who step inside this world get to witness the audio 360-degrees, and pairing this together with mindblowing visual design and a stage with some of the world’s best artists onboard, this is not to be missed.

“Traditional events typically involve a stage and an array of speakers that clearly distinguish artist from audience,” says Polygon CEO Nico Elliott. “Our approach is to dismantle these boundaries. In everything we do, we’re working to create a unified, cohesive, connected whole.”

He then goes on to add:

“We’ve also designed our system so that it can be moved across the world quickly and cost effectively. Our upcoming shows at Soundstorm and Wonderfruit, less than a week apart if we consider the time it will take to derig the first and install the second, demonstrate this.”

To find out more about Polygon, click here to view their website. Want to see it in action? Tickets for MDLBEAST Soundstorm and Wonderfruit are available via their respective websites.


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Image credit: Polygon / provided by Jukebox PR

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