Armin van Buuren at MDLBeast Soundstorm 2021

Armin van Buuren announces ‘A State Of Trance Yearmix’ release date

For fans of trance, Armin van Buuren and his A State of Trance radio show and brand represent the best of the genre, with the Dutch producer and DJ’s seemingly endless energy and output at the center of it all.  As the end of 2022 approaches, fans of the show will be looking forward to the annual A State Of Trance Year Mix, and the release date and track list have been revealed.

Just like prior year mixes, the 2022 edition is a massive collection of tracks taken from hundreds played across the platform throughout the year, as Armin van Buuren and the ASOT team focus on the highlights and songs that truly impacted the music scene throughout the year.  This year’s mix will consist of 109 tracks, and will be available as a two CD collection, with each disc containing 59 and 50 tracks respectively and can be ordered here.  With his continued prolific output, there is of course a fair amount of van Buuren’s own productions on the mix, as he has been busy unveiling his 30 song, three part Feel Again album.  Throughout the year, both parts 1 and 2 of the album were released and saw the highly anticipated first collaboration from him and fellow trance legend, Gareth Emery, when they teamed up with Owl City for the single, Forever & Always.

The Year End Mix and radio show of course take place in between his already busy production and touring schedule, as well as recent announcement of a his forthcoming Web3 space, Armin’s All Access.  Perhaps even more exciting for fans, is how the producer continues to both push his own creative limits, while still showcasing his own tips and insight into his workflow.  Most recently, he took to Discord and YouTube to answers questions about the curation of the Year End Mix as well as offer fans a glimpse into the actual creative process.  Now the trance world collectively waits for the official release of the mix on December 16th.

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