Walgreens releases new music app to help people suffering with dementia

Walgreens unveils a brand new music app to help people suffering from Dementia. Called Vera, the app is available through Walgreens Find Care.

Retail company Walgreens is one of the largest pharmaceutical stores in the United States. The company is making huge strides when it comes to customers struggling with dementia, launching a music therapy app aimed at improving the lives of people living with the disease. The news follows a recent study from UK organization Music For Dementia that discovered music is shown to have a massive reduction in depression in patients suffering from Dementia.

Vera uses artificial technology to custom-create playlists based on a patient’s life, age, and location, aiming to trigger memories to help them with mood, sleep, and cognitive and motor functions, as well as other negative symptoms of the disease. The music will be selected from the extensive library of Universal Music Group with Vera also being developed in collaboration with the company Music Health. Music Health’s co-founder Stephen Hunt explains the app when he states:

“We’ve built Vera to know and find the music that means the most and has the biggest impact for each person living with dementia, It acts as a music detective that rediscovers songs they used to love a long time ago but may have forgotten about, which their caregivers may have never heard of, and their families may not even know of”

Vera is now available via the Walgreens Find Care program with a free trial and you can find out more about the app via the link here.

Image Credit: “Walgreens Sign Miami” by Phillip Pessar is licensed under CC BY 2.0 .


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