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Calvin Harris single ‘Feel So Close’ climbs on Beatport chart 12 years after release

For those who were too young or may have forgotten, Calvin Harris was not only a mainstage DJ and producer a decade ago, he literally dominated the dance music scene and radio when his third album 18 Months was released.  The massive release spawned nine top-10 singles on the UK Singles Chart, the first album in history to achieve that mark.

While it would be justified to discuss the impact of all of those songs on dance music culture, one of the more unique ones from the album, Feel So Close, is making its way back up the charts.  For most fans, 18 Months, is defined by the incredible female singers on the album like Ellie Goulding, Florence Welch, and Super Bowl VLII halftime performer, Rihanna, but Feels So Close stands out for the producers’ use of his own voice on the track.  Calvin Harris has noted that he was at a crossroads in his career, and was hoping to focus on featured vocalists when putting together his third album.  He details the conversation with the label that led him to sing on Feel So Close here:

“After about 3 months of studio, I visited my record label Columbia and played them Awooga, Bounce and another ok song with a feature that ended up not coming out. The response from the label was overwhelmingly lukewarm; I came out of the meeting wondering if I had made the right decision in changing my path. That’s putting it lightly actually I was gutted and my head was spinning, I thought I’d absolutely fucked it. So immediately I headed back to my studio room feeling properly sad but also enough ‘fuck it I’ll show em I”ll sing on one then, and it’ll be class’ and made Feel So Close in a few hours.”

Whatever the inspiration or intent may have been, like the rest of the album, it certainly resonated with fans then as well as today.  It is currently making its way up the Beatport Mainstage Top 100 Chart and sits at the number 44 spot!


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