Brazil’s Warung Beach Club deals with a fire on the premises

While dance clubs like it hot, with the music blasting and bodies sweating, causing the walls to swell with perspiration and sound waves, things got a bit too hot at the popular Brazilian dance spot, Warung Beach Club.  On the morning of February 22nd, the iconic dance club experienced a fire on the premises that required firefighters and emergency responders to attend to the blaze.

Known for its vibrant culture, beautiful people, and strong spiritual values, Brazil offers its inhabitants and tourists a vast array of sights and sounds to explore.  Its burgeoning dance scene is just one of the many highlights of the region, and Warung Beach Club is a major player in the dance music culture of the country.  The popular open-air spot first opened its doors back in 2002 and threw an incredible 20th-anniversary celebration that saw international stars like Four Tet and Charlotte de Witte take the stage.

Unfortunately, the iconic club found itself making headlines for the wrong reasons as a fire engulfed the area on the morning of February 22nd, sending black clouds of smoke into the air visible for miles around.  The blaze was captured and shared on social media by user @ricruas, showcasing the unfortunate scene.  Fortunately, firefighters were able to contain the blaze and prevent it from spreading and there were no reported injuries.  Read the full statement from Warung Beach Club below:

The company can confirm that the fire that occurred on Wednesday morning (22nd) has been contained by the team of firefighters and that there was no one on site at the time of the incident. Warung Beach Club reiterates that only material damage occurred. The relevant authorities are already investigating the situation and a new statement will be issued at 7pm. We thank you for all the support. Warung Beach Club February 22nd 2023

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