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MK & Dom Dolla finally sprinkle some ‘Rhyme Dust’ magic into the release radar: Listen

What started out as a collaborative ID between MK & Dom Dolla for DJ sets, ‘Rhyme Dust‘ became so in-demand that it lead to fans hiring a pilot to write “release ‘Rhyme Dust'” in the sky. Now, we can rest easily as they’ve given into the demands.

With the names MK and Dom Dolla bringing a reputation for creating dancefloor-filling house magic of their own, a collaboration between the pair was always going to be explosive. What neither of them could have anticipated though, was just how far the demand would go. What turned into a fan-favourite ID quickly became a wild frenzy of TikTok views, email inboxes blowing up with a demand for the release date and even a message literally written into the sky. All of this made the label reshape their plans, and what was originally a mid-2023 release had to be pushed forward much quicker than planned.

@trash_ashx_official @domdolla surely??! 👀❤️‍🔥 #sydney #domdolla #rhymedust #drop #banger #fyp #pov ♬ mk x dom dolla rhyme dust – Dom Dolla

The story of ‘Rhyme Dust’ begins in July of 2022, when MK and Dom Dolla seized the opportunity during the ever-busy festival season to test it on stages such as Creamfields, EDC Las Vegas, Ushuaïa and many other iconic venues/festivals. An essential heart-pumping, foot-stomping house tune, ‘Rhyme Dust’ takes a sample from  Q-Tip‘s ‘Breathe & Stop,’ turning it also into a homage to hip-hop. About this sample and the tune itself, Dom Dolla says:

“Marc and I have been friends for a few years now, his influence on me as a producer and DJ over the years is immeasurable. Getting the nod from Q-Tip himself is something I’m very grateful for. As a combination, this rude tune has a very special place in my heart.”

Adding onto this, MK says:

“Dom and I wanted to make a song together because we both respect and love each other’s work. It started out as something fun just to play in our sets, then we got bullied by the public to release it. So here it is, enjoy!”

Well over 8m TikTok views and a full email inbox of both artists’ managers from demanding fans, ‘Rhyme Dust’ has now made its way into the release radar, and we can expect the magic of this hitter to carry on well into this year’s festival season circuit, too.



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