Stereotype EP - 'Voices + More'

Stereotype release fresh new EP ‘Voices + More’: Listen

Stereotype is back and shattering expectations with two mind-blowing versions of their new track ‘Voices’, which are presented as ‘Voices + More’ the EP out now on the forthcoming Lowly Label.

Adam & Leon, popularly known as Stereotype, are back with a bang and have partnered with Lowly Label to release two fresh takes on their track ‘Voices’. In their latest EP, Stereotype proves that they are at the forefront of mega-trend developments, not to mention their commitment to producing high-quality, complex electronic music is unrivaled.

Both remixed tracks are here and they breathe fresh air from their original hit, presenting themselves in a newer fashion. ‘Voices’ is an electrifying experience as the tempo on the first track is ramped up, featuring Shir, a powerhouse of a vocalist, whose hook adds a new layer of excitement.  The second “revisioned” version is a daring and experimental track, with edgy and aggressive vibes.

In a recent statement, Adam & Leon stated, ”Voices+More’ represents the last culmination of our past phase, and we’re excited to share it with our fans.” The pair added, “We are happy to finally be coming back to release music, we have worked hard on creating the perfect mixture between the old Stereotype sound that we started when we were just teens with dreams in our bedroom, and who we are today, as Hip Hop culture lovers, can’t wait to share the new album which will release later this year”

Listen to the entirety of ‘Voices + More’ at this link here.


Image Credit: Press / Provided by Management