Whyte Fang

Alison Wonderland celebrates FMU Records and Whyte Fang in Brooklyn

In the dance music scene, Australian producer and DJ Alison Wonderland has curated a strong bond with her loyal fanbase through her hard-hitting tracks as well as heart on her sleeve honesty that pervades her music and social media interactions.  Now, she is using her stature and passion to kick off her own record label as well as build up another creative outlet through her alias Whyte Fang.

Earlier this year, she revealed that she would be starting her own record label, both to release Whyte Fnag music, but also to help underground artists have an outlet where they could feel supported.  FMU Records launched earlier this year, kicking things off with the single, I Surrender by Jon Case and Dabow, and the two artists shared the stage for a high-energy set at the labels kick-off party on March 10th in Brooklyn, NY.  They took the stage second after a solid opening set from Aliiias welcomed fans into the sold-out event.  It was a night of bass-heavy productions, fitting of the alter-ego of Alison Wonderland, and made the evening’s third act, Sumthin Sumthin the perfect build-up for the night’s main attraction.

After a short break to clear the stage, Alison Wonderland stepped into the square LED screen set-up, and the words, ‘[Hello.  I am Whyte Fang]’ introduced her to the anxious audience.  For the next hour and a half, she played through the entirety of her upcoming debut full-length album, Genesis, while throwing in some incredible edits and remixes of classics like Summertime Sadness and the Bee Gee’s hit, Staying Alive.  It was a hard-hitting collection of tracks from start to finish, with the bass rattling the walls of Fine & Raw in Brooklyn, as the incredible visuals flashed across the cube throughout the set, offering just glimpses of Alison Wonderland as she worked from within the cube.

As the night turned into the early morning, Villa took the stage to close out the incredible evening of music.  While she is globally known as Alison Wonderland, it is clear that Whyte Fang and FMU Records are here to make an impact on the music scene.

Image Credit: Press Photo/ Provided by Get In!

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