Climax set to present Top 100 DJs Awards at Miami Music Week

Climax will make its debut at Miami Music Week on 22 March as an awards show based off 100% real data; combining streaming figures, music sales and social media stats to celebrate the Top 100 DJs.

A new electronic awards show celebrating the top DJs and producers in our scene is coming to town, and its making its debut with its inaugural event on 22 March during this year’s edition of Miami Music Week, ahead of Ultra Miami. Titled Climax, it generates its rankings of the top 100 artists based solely on real facts and data. Drawing from 11 platforms and 15 different parameters across streaming figures, music sales and stats on social media platforms, it will combine all of these figures to create a list which determines the current most influential artists in the electronic scene.

Hosting its event at Okami in the Miami Design District, it will not only reveal the findings of their extensive data search, but will also showcase in a short presentation the new algorithm used to back up the factual data. After the awards ceremony, those at the event will also be treated to an afterparty. In their own words, Climax describes the event:

“This ranking will be based on objective and statistical data from leading streaming and ranking platforms worldwide. An innovative algorithm will use 15 different parameters from 11 platforms to determine the most influential DJs on the planet.”


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Visit their website here to learn more, and to be the first to discover the rankings when they’re announced in just a few weeks time.


Image credit: Climax event flyer

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