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Nicky Romero releases uplifting new track ‘Forever’ with Nico & Vinz: Listen

Just in time for Ultra Miami 2023, Nicky Romero has released a beautiful new track in collaboration with Nico & Vinz, ‘Forever.’

Nicky Romero is not considered one of the best of the generation for nothing. The Dutch artist consistently puts out tracks that either break through on the charts or get stuck in your head. Usually, it has come in the form of massive and euphoric progressive house elements. However, in this latest release, Romero collaborates with Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz to, once again, provide the listener with a more subtle yet just as effective style in ‘Forever.’

As you listen to this newest release from Romero, it’s hard not to get sentimental. From start to finish, the strongest attribute of ‘Forever’ is that it makes you reminisce on the great moments you’ve had in the past. The entire structure of the song is beautiful, and the chord progressions are some of the best from a track released this year.

When the song fades in, the listener is met with a captivating chant from a group of people shouting, “forever and ever!.” After that, the vocals of Nico and Vins are introduced, voices you might remember from the 2014 hit, ‘Am I Wrong.’ The lyrics tell a story of holding on to a moment for as long as possible and waiting “forever” for those special people, even if the world views it as crazy.

As mentioned earlier, Romero keeps this track calm and doesn’t let it get overcomplicated while never sacrificing the immense emotion it pulls from the listener’s heart. The superstar DJ does this best in the drop when he masterfully decides to not opt for a large-sounding progressive house element but rather sucks us in even more as he delivers a simplistic drop with a couple of synth elements, a kick and claps that are stunning.

It will be exciting to see at what part of his sets Romero will play ‘Forever,’ but it is as worthy of being a closer as any song he has created.

Listen to Nicky Romero’s ‘Forever’ with Nico & Vinz via Protocol Recordings below.

Image Credit: Nicky Romero (Press)

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