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Sebastian Ingrosso reflects on the creation of ‘Calling (Lose My Mind)’: Listen

Every now and then, there is an extra spark that permeates from a studio when a collection of musicians come together, creating a piece of music and art that transcends the simple joy of the process and imbeds itself into the soul of a culture and music scene.  When Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso were able to grab legendary songwriter and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder into a Los Angeles studio 11 years ago, it was just such a magic moment.

For most music fans, the mention of Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Ryan Tedder in the same sentence instantly invokes memories of the 2012 classic single, Calling (Lose My Mind), as it has become one of the most iconic tracks and sing-alongs within the community.  Now, just a few weeks after the three teased a possible follow-up collaboration, Sebastian Ingrosso took to Facebook to reflect on how their original track first came together.

11 years ago @alesso played me this is incredible idea and I fell I love instantly we started to work in it and danced and screamed as the proces was near the finish line.
We had a vision that @ryantedder would sing on it, first we didn’t get any response but at a Grammy after party some Dj played the instrumental and the club exploded and Ryan was there amd remembered he had the song in he’s computer and the day after he called me and said I am LA I have couple of hours to bang this out and I instantly drove to the studio and we recorded the song and the rest is history.
Musicians everywhere know that the process to greatness is rarely a straight line or planned out, and the details of how Ryan Tedder came on board are truly amazing to hear.  Thankfully for fans around the world, Tedder knew he had the instrumental in his inbox and was able to meet up with Sebastian Ingrosso to knock out the iconic vocal line.  As the Swedish producer said, the rest is history.

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