Slenderino, Gabriel Wittner & Crizzy

Slenderino, Gabriel Wittner & Crizzy will make you want to eat and dance to new song ‘Pizza’: Listen

While the world can seem more and more chaotic and divided, there are still experiences and items that speak a more universal language in bringing people together.  German producers Slenderino and Gabriel Wittner have teamed up with Crizzy to deliver a track that certainly seems to fall into this select niche.

While Slenderino and Gabriel Wittner have steadily climbed the ranks of the 100 most streamed German producers, they have honed their production techniques and crafted anthems that translate well both on and off the dance floor.  For Crizzy, he has been crafting his own tech house tracks, showcasing his deft production talents that lead to his own previous single alongside Wittner.  That previous work, I Got The Cheese is the perfect segway to the latest release from this trio of producers.

Titled Pizza, their latest work follows up on the cheese theme from the previous track, but brings it all together into the highly popular and savory food described in the title.  While the track maintains some of the heaviest production work to date from the artists, the theme and inspiration behind the track came from the feeling amongst friends when it is time to leave the party for the night.  It’s certainly a situation that anyone can relate to, standing around at an event and suddenly realizing that the thrill of the evening is merely amongst the friends you arrived there with.  At that moment the decision is made to leave the scene behind, but the night isn’t over and everyone could use a bite to eat.

With this scene in mind, Slenderino, Gabriel Wittner, and Crizzy have produced a very relatable, as well as comical track, detailing the joy that is derived from grabbing a few slices with the people you enjoy the most.  No matter what toppings you enjoy on your pizza, this new tech house banger will certainly get you excited to head to your favorite pizzeria.



Image Credit: Slenderino, Gabriel Wittner & Crizzy (Press) / Provided by Artists

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