The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers share video for new single, ‘No Reason’: Listen

The Chemical Brothers released their first new music in over a year this week with their upbeat new single, No Reason.  Accompany the release is a fun new music video featuring neon-colored marching soldiers moving along to the beat.

While fans are still awaiting word on whether the release of No Reason will be part of an upcoming new album, the new single is certainly a welcome return for fans around the world.  With its hypnotic lead and funky percussion, the new track maintains many of the vintage staples that helped the Chemical Brothers rise to prominence over two decades ago.  The new music video features characters that reflect an alternate march of the wooden soldiers feel, dressed in attire similar to the famed dance, but presented through a funky neon lens, with green, purple, and pink hues defining the outfits of the dancers, who move in rhythm against the stark black background.  While the overall concept is relatively simple, it is effective and fun, with the number of dancers on the screen multiplying from just a single member up to more than half a dozen moving in unison across the screen.

The release of No Reason and the accompanying music video help kick start a busy year for the Chemical Brothers that will see them embark upon the California desert for a stop at the illustrious Coachella Festival before a slew of dates around Europe through the summer and beyond.  While fans await more new music, the duo has made a limited edition red vinyl availaible for No Reason that will also feature a previosuly unreleased b-side titled All Of A Sudden and is due out on April 28th.

Enjoy the music video for No Reason below.

Image Credit: The Chemical Brothers (Press) by Hamish Brown & Illustration by Ruffmercy / Provided by Outside Organisation

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