Swedish House Mafia Coachella 2022

Coachella will live stream all its stages for the first time ever this year

With Coachella preparing to return to the California desert for the 2023 edition of the massive festival, the event’s organizers have announced a massive change to the platform and content of their live-stream programming.  While past years have offered multiple channels on the live stream to help viewers experience as much of the weekend’s entertainment as possible, this will be the first time that all of the stages and both weekends will be part of the feed.

The change in offering comes as the event continues to expand and organizers look for new ways to deliver the excitement of Coachella to in-person attendees as well as the many fans at home who are unable to make the trek to the California desert.  Featuring an incredible line-up that includes the likes of the Gorillaz, Eric Prydz, Bad Bunny, The Chemical Brothers, Frank Ocean, and many more, it will offer something for music fans all over.

“Every year, Coachella gets bigger and better and every year, we up our game to meet that moment. As we gear up for one of the most global lineups in Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival history, we are going all in to make this year’s livestream experience and YouTube presence the most epic yet!”

Streaming will once again be available on YouTube, and has been expanded to six channels to accommodate the extended coverage of the event.  With the extended coverage, there will also be new sponsors across the two weekends, with the first weekend sponsored by Fast X, Verizon, and NYX Professional Makeup and the second weekend by Tic Tac and the Dove Shower Collection.  It is certainly a lot to digest over the weekend of April 14th and the 21st, but it does give viewers at a home the opportunity to better spread out their viewing schedule, and avoid conflicting schedules by tuning into all six days of the event this year!

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