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Coachella 2023: Pros and Cons of attending solo

With Coachella 2023 right on the horizon, the ticket sales so far indicate a massive predicted attendance at the event in a week’s time. It’s time we look at some of the pros and cons of attending Coachella 2023 solo.


1. With a diverse lineup involving an insane amount of stages and artists, like the one at Coachella, differences in opinions are likely to arise if you’re attending with a group. But since you’re by yourself, no more compromising your favorite artist over at the techno stage because your hardstyle admirer friends just weren’t up for it.

2. It is much simpler to wiggle through the crowd and reach the front for a better view of the stage, taking considerably less time to do so if you’re alone. Deny it all you want, but it’s really frustrating for the crowd when a group of people tries to barge in and do the same.

3. Attending by oneself can lead to an exciting opportunity to socialize and form new connections. It’s not uncommon for individuals to approach a lone concert-goer and offer to spend time with them. What’s particularly great about this is that these newfound acquaintances already share a common interest in the music being played.


1. Having a friend/group adds to your sense of security at a massive music festival like Coachella which is extremely crowded with people, who might be too drunk or using other ‘uplifting’ ways to enhance their experience.

2. An obvious downside of going alone is that you’ll ultimately end up spending extra bucks throughout the festival. With a group, there’s always a scope for splitting expenses for stuff like food, travel, accommodation, etc.

3. When you attend an event alone, you miss out on the opportunity to do silly, wild, or unconventional dances with your close ones. Moreover, without your friends around, you won’t have someone to capture every moment of the event on camera, as your personal photographer.


Ultimately, attending Coachella 2023 solo seems like a really impressive and empowering decision, but having a group alongside you is also an excellent alternative.


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Image credits: Wendy Wei on Pexels

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