Skrillex teases possible 3rd album release this year

What a year it has been for Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, as he has returned to the forefront of the dance music community thanks to the release of not just one but two albums as well as some massive live performances.  When the calendar turned to 2023, the American producer and DJ promised that new music would come soon and one hectic week in February certainly delivered in a big way, but he may not be done yet this year.

It had been several years of Skrillex promising that he would deliver two albums to fans, but as time went by, the wait seemed as if it would never end.  Fans grew even more concerned when Skrillex opted to cancel two festival performances last year citing his focus on the new music, but would later reveal a deep struggle with mental health as part of the reason for the decision.  All that has changed, as Skrillex started the year by dropping new music and over one weekend in February, shared both of his new albums, the more dubstep-focused Quest For Fire, with its quiet companion, the poppier Don’t Get Too Close getting released 24 hours later.

Since then, Skrillex has been stepping on stages around the world and celebrating his new releases, but he doesn’t seem to be taking a break from the studio.  Earlier this week, Skrillex was hanging out in Brazil when he hopped on stage during a free block party in the country thrown by Amsterdam-born Punjabi DJ Jyoty Singh and the DJ got on the mic to leak some exciting news to the crowd.  As shown in the tweet below, Jyoty hops on the mic and says, “We’ve been here working on a new Skrillex album.”  While the world awaits more details, fans can keep their fingers crossed that Skrillex will release an unprecedented third album in 2023.

Image Credit: Marilyn Hue / Provided by Warner Music Group

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