Sofi Tukker deliver new Portuguese-language single ‘Jacaré’: Listen

SOFI TUKKER have exceeded expectations with their new Brazilian-inspired single ‘Jacaré’, which lands on Ultra Records.

Florida-based duo SOFI TUKKER have offloaded one of their finest records to date, expressing their admiration for the Portuguese language through their new single Jacaré’. The pair deliver their new single off the back of two crazy weekends in the Colorado Desert at Coachella, at which they delivered to spritely and memorable performances. There they premiered their latest single through which Sophie Hawley-Weld expressed her fondness for the Portuguese language in which she sings the entire song. Having sung in Portuguese on many tracks, you’d be surprised to know she doesn’t officially speak the language, but picked it up having lived in Brazil during her time at college.

With Tucker Halpern helping to decorate the songs top-line with different latin-inspired flavours, ‘Jacaré’ (translating to Alligator) strikes with some real carnival flare. Layering trumpets and piano melodies over animated percussion, the duo’s new offering is not one you forget in a heartbeat.

The track also dropped alongside its very own music video, produced by Aerin Moreno and featuring both Tucker and Sophie within it. It arrives with a unique message in mind, honing in on the importance of ones self-expression.

Be sure to listen to the new SOFI Tukker single, ‘Jacaré’, for yourselves below!

Image credit: Elizabeth Miranda

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