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Armin van Buuren creates three distinct mixes for ‘A State of Trance 2023’ compilation

Armin van Buuren and his A State of Trance radio show and mixtapes have been staples of the trance and dance music scene for many years now.  As the Dutch DJ and producer continues to evolve and grow, he has now created his most ambitious mixtape yet for his landmark brand.

While the annual A State of Trance mixes have traditionally been comprised of two mixes, Armin van Buuren went a step further and added a distinct third mix for this collection.  Comprised of tracks both new and old, the A State Of Trance 2023 mix offers fans of the trance genre plenty of firepower as it showcases a wide array of artists, as well as contains recent collaborations from van Buuren alongside Vini Vici and HRRTZ.  For the brand new third mix, tracks are mined from Armin van Buuren’s imprint, Who’s Afraid of 138?!, providing a high-energy conclusion to the collection.  Discussing the motivation beyond adding the third mix to the collection, van Buuren stated:

“I’ve never been one to label music on the basis of tempo or the elements it contains.To me, every kind of music evokes a unique feeling, which means a record can feel like trance music even if it shares traits with tracks others would dub as, say, deep house or techno. Even though this notion has been a pillar within my radio show for years, I felt that dividing this new mix album into three sides instead of two would make a strong statement as to what trance music means to me, the brand and so many fans who share my view.”

Fans can check out the 41-track collection, A State of Trance 2023 out now everywhere.  As for Armin van Buuren, he will surely continue to keep his fans on his toes as he forges forward with his seemingly endless supply of new music and mixes.


Image Credit: SNDR / Provided by Armada PR

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