Hide & Seek share summer tinged new single ‘Solstice’: Listen

Hide & Seek certainly appreciate the energy and excitement that comes with summers and the feeling one gets when the perfect song comes on to match the warmth of the air as friends are outside celebrating the changing weather.  It is this energy that the trio looks to inject into their latest single, Solstice.

With a strong back catalog and years of industry experience, the members of Hide & Seek are more than confident in what they look to achieve with their productions and how they will bring their sound to the masses.  With their newest single released on Paul van Dyk’s VANDIT Records, Solstice provides listeners with a taste of nostalgia via the production, a decision that Simon states was intentional:

“Together we wanted to create a track that had the late 90’s early 2000’s old skool trance feel with sharp stabby synths a and high energy percussion, combined with a really euphoric breakdown lead guaranteed to make the hairs on your arms stand on end.”

Beyond the classic feel of the single, the other members of Hide & Seek wanted to ensure that the production felt warm and helped both themselves, as well as listeners get a feeling of sunsets, specifically those felt on the island of Ibiza when they heard the new single:

“With this being the follow up track to Equinox we wanted to focus on the Summer (Solstice) and all things included ,Picture being on the terraces in Ibiza watching the sun rise.” – MJ

With Vlad further adding, “Ibiza has always held a special place in our hearts, So we wrote this with those Balearic sun sets and crazy nights in mind.”  The infectious leads and production on Solstice certainly provide that energy and the track will resonate whether crammed into the club this summer or simply seeking a soundtrack to an evening with friends.

Check out Solstice, from Hide & Seek out now.


Image Credit: HIDE & SEEK (Press) / Provided by Management

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