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Jack Back returns with ‘The Walk To Church’ featuring Wh0 & Roland Clark: Listen

With David Guetta‘s underground alias once again taking the reign, the sound of Jack Back returns once again with Roland Clark for the gospel-inspired ‘The Walk To Church‘ with duo Wh0.

Preaching the good word of house music and spreading his message to clubs all over the land, Jack Back is well and truly back with a bang following on from previous singles ‘Case Of The Ex‘ and ‘Feeling.’ Known for collaborating with some of the freshest and most iconic names on the underground circuit, this time he’s enlisted mysterious duo Wh0 and the unmistakable vocals of Roland Clark – who is no stranger to Guetta’s productions – to join him on ‘The Walk To Church.’


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Reminiscent of the passionate sound that fueled 90’s house music, ‘The Walk To Church’ has all the soul, energy, and pure happiness that you’d expect from a track of that era but tinged with that modern twist to appeal to today’s age of underground electronic music fans. With Roland Clark opening up the track with his command “Somebody shout, say Amen,” it’s not long until the melody will make listeners do exactly that. If a Church has a preacher, then this track is the club’s equivalent of a preacher, spreading the good word of feel-good house.

Go on ‘The Walk To Church’ today and stream this collaboration from Jack Back, Wh0, and Roland Clark right here.



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