Jayden Goldthorpe

Jayden Goldthorpe reveals tech-house banger ‘On The Floor’ on Afrojack’s Kapuchon Records: Listen

Blessing fans alike with a tech-house production for the ages, up and coming artist Jayden Goldthorpe has just unveiled his latest track, ‘On The Floor,’ on no other than Afrojack’s sub-label, Kapuchon Records.

More than set on leaving his own mark within the electronic dance industry, Jayden Goldthorpe has just revealed a tech-house banger for the ages, entitled ‘On The Floor.’ Implementing his signature sound throughout, the Australia-based DJ/producer will have anyone feeling some type of way, with this latest track a clear testament to the musical prowess that he possess. Garnering interest from some of the biggest names within our community, and in turn leading to recognition by no other than Afrojack and his team at Wall Recordings, ‘On The Floor’ is a track that came from one their demo-streams, with the overall feel surrounding the single and the artist himself, proving to be one of great potential.

Released under Kapuchon Records, ‘On The Floor’ further proves the eye for detail that Afrojack and his team take pride on, with Goldthorpe acting as the latest artist to be impacting the house scene in more ways than none. Having revived his Kapuchon alias with the track ‘10 Years Later,’ Afrojack is no stranger to the significance of maintaining a versatile nature, and with the experience that he has gained over the years, the appearance of artists’ to watch that correlate with his own passion towards electronic music, comes to no surprise, no matter the success and recognition that he continues to achieve on a daily basis. A track that will have you grooving throughout its entirety, each musical element has been implemented to the utmost of perfection, and in turn Goldthorpe could not be making his introduction in a more immersive and spectacular manner.

Destined for nothing less than ultimate success, ‘On The Floor’ does not leave a doubt to the imagination, as listeners are set to embark on the most intriguing and feel-good of musical journeys. A certified hit in our books, be sure to check it out in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. We will most definitely be keeping a close eye on Goldthorpe and all his future endeavours within the dance scene, but for the time being, don’t forget to leave your own thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Jayden Goldthorpe / Provided by WALL

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