A new subgenre called Latin tech [Magazine Featured]

Hot, vibrating, sultry sounds line dancefloors all over the world. The Latin tech sound dominates dance music like never before, lifting the veil of a new era of music.

New and refreshing sounds from Latin American producers are being brought to dancefloors, not only by the producers themselves but also by many artists who have been infected by the unique energy of the sound. Its taste of novelty makes one wonder what it is, what to call it and how to classify it. We live in an age so rich in musical genres and sonic mannerisms that it has become a habit to put a label on them. But what to call this Latin vibe? Beatport has tackled this question and recently introduced the brand new Latin tech, the spicy subgenre of tech house.

Many are the producers creating great music hailing from Buenos Aires, Lima, Punta Cana and so many other cities where the electronic dance scene is flourishing. Now, this music has a new place, a new chart to occupy.

Latin tech draws from a wide range of influences. From techno, house, tech house and even reggaeton, this new subgenre mixes many different sounds to create an even more distinctive style. Coming from a new world and a new musical sphere, this new music has no vices and a new perspective on dance music. The Latin American producers who bring it to life combine their traditional music with dance percussion, blending organic sounds with cutting-edge techniques. It’s experimentation at its best, innovation at its loudest.

The inspiration is Latin, not just from America. It’s an attitude, an approach, a feeling. The chart is recent but it’s already packed. 


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Image Credit: master1305 via Freepik