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Otto Knows releases ‘Be Somebody‘ on Tomorrowland Music: Listen

The fourth collaboration between Swedish artists Otto Knows and Alex Aris called ‘Be Somebody’ is now released on Tomorrowland Music.

Looks like Otto Knows has finally found his ideal label, Tomorrowland Music. After a 3-year-long pause, he released Pyramids together with Alex Aris. The single did very well on streaming platforms so it was only a matter of time before these two joined forces again to deliver another heater. Not so long after, they continued their collaborations with ‘Lover‘, ‘Electricity‘, and ‘Randomize‘. Otto then released another two singles ‘Rosa‘ and ‘Say It To Me‘, this time without a credited vocalist. All these releases were part of a new chapter in Otto’s career.

I’m super excited to finally release music again and create new memories. I’ve put my heart in those new songs and I’m very proud to finally be able to share them with the world,” he says.

Since ‘Pyramids‘, Otto is showing us his new style, combining house music with retro vibes. His new single, ‘Be Somebody‘, is a typical summer sunset song. Being slightly faster paced than previous Alex Aris collaborations, ‘Be Somebody‘ can also be used in live sets on big or small stages around the world. The main melody, which is very catchy, can be heard a lot in this single, keeping listeners in summer sunset vibes. combined with mild production around the main melody, it is yet another emotional single from Otto Knows. It is great to know that after many years of success, he can still find a new sound while keeping in touch with his unmistakable signature syle.

‘Be Somebody‘ is out now on Tomorrowland Music.

Image Credit: Provided by Tomorrowland


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