Skrillex delivers upbeat new single ‘Vai Sentando’ for Fast & Furious X soundtrack

While many fans bemoaned the long wait between albums following the release of Recess back in 2014, Skrillex is more than making up for it with his relentless output in 2023.  After already delivering two full-length albums, the legendary producer has now dropped a new single for one of the most enduring film franchises in modern history.

When Vin Diesel first stepped into the role of Dominic Torreto way back in 2001, Sonny Moore was just another unknown pre-teen in California trying to find his identity in the world.  Fast forward to 2023, and Sonny transformed into the musical legend Skrillex and Dom Torreto is now appearing in the tenth installment of the Fast and The Furious franchise, Fast X.  Despite already delivering two albums this year, with the promise of more on the way, Skrillex has also contributed a brand new single to the Fast X soundtrack.  While his two albums focus more on his dubstep and electronic influences, Vai Sentando shows off a more Latin flavor that further represents his collaborators on the single.

Teaming up with LUDMILLA, Duki, and King Doudou for a track that is full of flavor and high-energy rhythms throughout.  For the single, LUDMILLA and Duki share vocal duties, perfectly complimenting each other as her smooth delivery is a great balance to the commanding vocals Duki offers on the track.  The production is a non-stop punch to the gut, worthy of the high-action and insane car chases and stunts that the Fast and The Furious movies are known for.  For Skrillex, he continues to remind the world that his production and writing skills have no bounds as he easily navigates this style and delivers a track that deserves a spot in any of his upcoming live sets this year.

Image Credit: Marilyn Hue / Provided by Warner Music Group

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