Skrillex reunites with vocalist sampled on ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’

Skrillex has been spending 2023 looking forward, having finally released not just one but two new albums, his first in nine years, and played some legendary sets across the United States at iconic venues like Madison Square Garden, Coachella, and Red Rocks Amphitheater.  At the latter, Skrillex was able to reconnect with a blast from his past, an individual that helped launch his early dubstep albums into the musical stratosphere.

When Skrillex first revealed that he would be headling Red Rocks for a five-hour set, the electronic music scene was set ablaze with anticipation for what tracks he would play throughout the evening.  Fans were given a taste of what to expect following his takeover of Madison Square Garden for a five-hour set, but he was joined by his friends Fred Again.. and Four Tet for that marathon performance.  Quickly selling out, those fans lucky enough to attend the performance in the mountains of Colorado were treated to a set spanning all of Sonny Moore’s, aka Skrillex’s, storied career as a musician, even dipping into his early start front the emo legends, From First To Last when he played their acoustic ballad Emily during the course of the night.

As he continues to celebrate his latest albums, Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close, while also seeming to promise two more albums this year, he also made sure to look back on his storied history while treating fans to his early dubstep works such as Bangarang and Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.  The evening was made all the more memorable when it was later revealed that the vocalist sampled on the latter of the tracks, Rachael Nedrow, who’s infamous proclamation of “Oh My God” defined the single and helped catapult Skrillex’s career, was also in attendance that evening.

In a post after the show, Nedrow shared how the show occured 12 years after she had last seen Skrillex, and also occured on her birthday, making the duo’s reconnection even more special for the two of them.

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