TIM PLVNK 'Coulda Woulda'

TIM PLVNK releases energetic new single ‘Numb’: Listen

 TIM PLVNK is quickly proving that he is at the top of his game with his latest release ‘Numb.’ An energetic track that will leave you wanting more.

For those who don’t know the name TIM PLVNK, it’s best to get acquainted as fast as possible as the independent artist is easily releasing the best music of his career. This time he returns with his newest single, ‘Numb’ which is an expertly crafted piece of work that keeps the listener on their toes the entire duration.

Based out of Hamburg, TIM PLVNK is a proven veteran in this industry. First starting in his own band in 2008 and ultimately transitioning to DJing in 2012, he perfected his craft up until the initial launch of his current solo project in 2019. With numerous years of experience already in the music world, it’s no surprise that in just four short years, he is already putting out some beautifully produced tracks including ‘Numb.’

The song itself is an intriguing listen as it takes many turns throughout its three and 1/2 minutes with a dark undertone that has a very delightful quality to it. Each transition in the track blends seamlessly and doesn’t feel forced, something that is not easy to do. ‘Numb’ begins soft and delicate, but after 30 seconds in, it quickly speeds up in tempo. The track features elements of a trap, psytrance and house beat all in one song, and not once does it feels unnatural. The immense energy throughout and the party vibe it gives off will make it perfect for a club setting.

“Just three weeks ago, I was getting down with Spotify’s “All Music Friday” event and soaking up some fresh new sounds. I realized that to break into the electronic music scene, I needed to infuse some pop-inspired vibes and emotions into my music. And then, boom! I stumbled upon ‘Numb’ and those killer vocals had me bouncing in no time. I just had to incorporate them into my sound and create something truly special. And let me tell you, the result is straight-up fire” – TIM PLVNK

TIM PLVNK is quickly rising to his peak artistry, and it’s no question that ‘Numb’ is the highlighting example of that. It’s exciting to think about where he will be in the next four years.

Listen to ‘Numb’ by TIM PLVNK below and follow him on Instagram.

Image Credit: TIM PLVNK / Provided by Artist

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