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Aly & Fila create incredible new remix of 2003 classic ‘Leben… I Feel You’: Listen

Egyptian trance outfit Aly & Fila have crafted a euphoric new remix of the iconic 2003 Schiller release ‘Leben… I Feel You’.

20 years after its initial release, super duo Aly & Fila have created a brand new remix of “Leben… I Feel You”, the iconic 2003 Schiller single featuring Peter Heppner. Injecting new life into such a timeless gem, this highly anticipated remix arrives on Universal Music through Sleepingroom Musik, much to the avail of their fans. Combining expansive melodies and pulsating bassline rhythm the only way the Egyptian pair know how, they have done the classic record justice in bringing a refreshing new take into the modern era of trance.
The original production peaked in both the Romanian and Polish singles charts, and is sure to see some heavy airplay once more off the back of this stunning rework, where the beauty of the past intertwines with the innovation of the present. Its sure to play a crucial part in some of Aly & Fila’s upcoming sets too, with performances at the likes of Sunrise Festival, Creamfields and Untold still to come this summer.
As we eagerly await those sets, be sure to listen to Aly & Fila in their incredible new remix of Schiller’s “Leben… I Feel You”, for yourselves below, and let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Aly & Fila (Press)

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