ARTBAT team up with Another Life on emotional new single ‘Breathe In’: Listen

Breathe In‘ is a powerful addition by ARTBAT to the catalogue of their label UPPERGROUND.

Since they presented their label UPPERGROUND to the world in 2021, ARTBAT have been thickening their catalogue with true melodic gems. Focused on a very own sound, the label has become one of the strongest brands in the melodic techno circuit. ARTBAT have taken UPPERGROUND all over the world with events in Tulum, Poland, London, Ibiza and Tel Aviv, with many more to come. Embellishing the festival season in full, the Ukrainian duo finally drop the emotional track that has been featured heavily in their performances. ‘Breathe In’ is the result of ARTBAT’s collaboration with the talented producer and DJ Another Life, and is available now via UPPERGROUND on streaming and download platforms.

Recently, ARTBAT have made heads turn with their wonderful rendition of ‘All That Matters‘ by Kölsch. Continuing down an extremely emotional and engaging path, the duo present this powerful anthem. ‘Breathe In’ is a collaboration and you can hear it. The emotional charge it carries conveys well the deep connection ARTBAT and also Another Life have with the music itself. It’s a passionate dance tune that gives sound to the love between people and between people and music. About this, Another Life explains its approach:

“I think with music, you can build the sound to create something that stays there and makes emotion. Something unique, like special memories, where you want to forget reality and I want people to forget what Is real. You can create this with the way you play and produce. That is what music is, to me.”

‘Breathe In’ is an invitation to savour the moment, permission to breathe and absorb the present, as ARTBAT explain:

“This captivating track is an uplifting reminder to pause, take a deep breath, and fully appreciate the world around us. It’s a celebration of the unstoppable momentum we create when we immerse ourselves in the present, enjoying every second with joy and gratitude. We are always happy to work together with our friends, exploring new boundaries and creating music that we fully feel with soul and body.”

This is a track that allows beautiful moments on the dancefloor. The emotional synth riffs so characteristic of ARTBAT’s productions are the launch pad for an incredible sonic journey. The vocals don’t compete, sharing the same ground as all the other layers, presenting an important order to fulfil: breathe. Simply divine, listen to it below:


Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)