atDusk open up about their formation, their hit track ‘Lucid Dreams’ and more: Interview

Impacting the dance scene in more ways than none, atDusk are the epitome of a duo that have mastered their craft to the utmost of perfection, whilst their forward-thinking mentality and ever-so charismatic aura, helps them stand out from all the rest. With this said, be sure to check out this latest interview in its entirety.

Relatively new within the electronic dance scene, atDusk have set out on imposing their positivity towards life and music, in a manner that will scintillate even the toughest of crowds. Forever pushing the boundaries of sound design, always in their own words of course, this ever-so charismatic duo has set out on a journey that will have us all in awe with each of their endeavours. Elevating their beloved trance genre to even further heights, these artists’ to watch have taken their style of play into a more futuristic role, but at the same time, also look to maintain the classic aura and essence that trance has been generating on the largest of scales, and during the longest period of time. Authentic in every sense of the word, we could not be any more thrilled to be joined by atDusk, as the duo open up about their formation and identity, the forward thinking that is ommited through their sound, as well as the boundaries pushed with the release of their album ‘Magic Hour,’ the cutting edge effect that their track ‘Lucid Dreams‘ has had since its release, performing at major festival’s around the world, gaining the recognition and of course support of no other than trance legend Armin van Buuren, as well as the future plans that will help enhance their status to different dimension as time progressess and they continue to evolve.
Obviously there is a reasons why you began the atDusk project last year. What was the inspiration behind its creation? And how do your own individual inspirations and taste help create such a unique sound?
atDusk is inspired by the pure joy it brings us making Trance music together! Individually, both members of atDusk have a large history of Trance music production and performances all over the world under the alias, BEAT SERVICE & SPACE ROCKERZ. This duo combination is the brainchild behind atDusk (Madis & Michael). We wanted to make a fresh group together, a future take on trance, while still maintaining an unmistakable classic vibe in our productions and live sets! Speak about live sets, the one we just had recorded in Los Angeles at EXCHANGE, it was an insane 2hr/45min VIBE…. Live set link: Soundcloud: Youtube:
With you latest album, ‘Magic Hour,’ it is of course at its core, trance. Even though your sound is a very forward thinking version of the genre and is incredibly unique, you are adamant that you keep the classic sound. Do you think it is important that no matter how far outside the box you explore that you always come back home to that core main sound? Or do you feel that you should push the boundaries as much as possible?
Rule #1 of atDusk, is there are NO RULES. When we are in the studio it’s always best to explore the deep unknown and we feel this was achieved with our debut artist album “Magic Hour”, which we are incredibly thankful to Insomniac & Dreamstate for their support on it! Up next for us is a return to the classic era with a new updated version dropping in August “CHAKRA – I AM (atDusk Remix) , which we just played/tested live at exchangeLA and it went off!

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Certain tracks such as ‘Lucid Dreams’ sound so different from anything we have heard in years. How did you come up with this type of sound?
‘Lucid Dreams’ was created while being inspired by pitch effect plugins for vocal chaining. Sometimes you turn a knob or two and suddenly you hear something get changed into a completely new unique sound as if it’s meant to be in a record, and in this case, that’s how ‘Lucid Dreams’ was brought to life. After the vocal was worked out and written, Madis added some insane drums to it which explore the low-end vibe and it just feels right cruising at 128bpm.
You performed at EDC Las Vegas. A festival known for their love and support of trance music. What was that moment like to be on one of the world’s biggest stages? And also how did it feel to give the audience a completely unique and futuristic take on trance? Something many are not doing?
EDC was legendary, from the amazing folks at insomniac that handle 100,000’s of people in an orderly fashion, to the insane production Dreamstate brings for their stage presence at the festival grounds, it honestly is nothing short of the best festival we’ve seen on earth. 11/10. The audience is a magical thing to see from the stage with the smoke in the air at night and flags/totems waiving throughout the audience, it gives us chills to talk about it. Playing our sound at a festival of this size creates a united groove on the dancefloor that most of the time we are always filtering our vocal tracks to let the audience sing along, it’s a mutual feeling!

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You have received support from Armin van Buuren on A State of Trance. What is that like to have what many consider one of the greatest trance DJs of all time endorsing your version of the genre?
Armin Van Buuren is an inspiration for us and role model. We are thankful he continues to support our music, not to mention he has done so much for the Trance community worldwide in creating ASOT (greatest trance radio show of ALL-TIME) and Armada Music with his partners Maykel Piron and David Lewis.
Where do you want to take the atDusk project in the upcoming years? What goals do you have as you continue to carve out a lane within trance for yourself and continue to gain support. As well as any upcoming live performances?
After our recent tour in the USA (including EDC) we want to bring the act overseas to Europe and China, allowing our worldwide audience to come watch us perform live. We just signed with a new agency (ASSURED AGENCY) for worldwide representation and are currently building dates for FALL23’ overseas shows. We have a plethora of originals and remixes coming up being released on Armada and Dreamstate so stayed tuned on our socials!
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