Avicii hit ‘Wake Me Up’ achieves diamond certification

When Avicii first debuted Wake Me Up at Ultra Music 2013, the dance community at large wasn’t sure what to make of the music and sound, as he debuted a country, folk-tinged style that ran in sharp contrast to the dubstep and house anthems of the era. Despite the less-than-favorable reaction upon its debut, Wake Me Up and the rest of Avicii’s debut album, True, would become a global hit and represent the bold vision of a true artist.

Rewatching that 2013 Ultra Music Festival set is a truly unique experience with the hindsight of the ultimate success of the music, yet still, the awkward silence and even audible groans and boos from the audience showcase the risk and bravery of Tim Bergling aka Avicii in debuting this new sound at such a massive event. While the popular refrain sung by Aloe Blacc alongside the folksy acoustic guitar strumming Incubus member Mike Einziger is now revered around the world, it was a sound and style that the dance community was not prepared for on that March evening over a decade ago. As the single hit its ten-year anniversary on June 17th of this year, it is clear that the reaction in Miami all those years ago was more confusion than hatred of the style of Wake Me Up has officially achieved diamond certification in America from the Recording Industry Association of America, and is the highest certified dance/electronic song in RIAA history.

Reflecting back on the innovation and creativity of writing Wake Me Up, vocalist Aloe Blacc says, “Tim’s energy and effort in producing my vocal performance and other instrumentation really shows the passion he had for creating.” Although the world continues to mourn the life of Avicii, who left this world far too soon, this remarkable achievement showcases the continued impact he had upon music and fans around the world. While he is no longer with us, he earns the distinction of being the first Swedish artist to achieve the diamond certification, a reminder that heroes get remembered, but legends never die.


Image Credit: Cim Ek / Avicii Music AB / Provided by Universal Music

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