CamelPhat enlists Max Milner for new single ‘Hope’: Listen

CamelPhat has endeared itself to fans around the world thanks to its uplifting and beautifully constructed anthems over the years. Now the duo of Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala have returned with a track crafted to endear itself to listeners around the world thanks to its infectious melody and pristine production.

Fans of CamelPhat have been spoiled over the course of the duo’s career with their incredible sound and style, delivering anthemic vocal melodies alongside rhythms and productions that seamlessly translate from the radio to the dance floor. Now they have released what may be their most beautiful track to date, a pulsing sonic journey that is the ideal foundation for the angelic vocal line delivered by Max Milner. Taking to social media, Milner shared some backstory about the ease of creating the track with CamelPhat and the excitement of seeing them debut to festival audiences around the world:

We wrote this song real quick. 3 hours tops..
& maybe 3 weeks later Mike & Dave we’re test driving, opening their set with it around the world.
India, Coachella, Ibiza… It’s been beautiful to watch.
Like a secret between me and the dance floor.

While the track has been played to millions of fans already, it has now finally hit streaming services and is ready to be endlessly digested as it surely will be popular on playlists and radio in the months to come. Opening with a subtle arp lead, Max Milner’s voice comes in nearly right away, delivering his rich tone that is calming, yet direct as the production grows, adding synth chords and FX to build into the drop section of the track. Although the single never explodes into an over-the-top dancefloor drop, CamelPhat perfectly executes the orchestration of the single, keeping the opening arp throughout the entire three minutes and forty-one seconds of music without losing any energy or intrigue.

Listen to Hope out now.

Image Credit: CamelPhat (Press) / Provided by Kliger.co.il

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