Chicane releases highly anticipated new album ‘Nevertheless’: Listen

On this new 13-track studio album Chicane explores a new, more downtempo side.

Trance royalty Chicane has released his ninth studio album. ‘Nevertheless‘ was long awaited by the industry and in particular the long-time fans of the English artist. The album is available on the usual platforms via Modena Records, Armada Music sub-imprint.

Chicane is a legendary artist who has been instrumental in the rise of trance and electronic dance music in general. He is a musician, composer, songwriter, producer and performer. He is a total package of talent, drive and focus that remains highly relevant. Chicane’s name was forever etched in the books in 1997 when he released his debut album, ‘Far From the Maddening Crowds’, which was and continues to be critically acclaimed and is considered one of the most influential albums of its kind in the decade. The 11-track album embodied Ibiza’s identity in every note, in every melody. The album is a relic of the Balearic sound so trendy on the white island, as it brings together trance, ambient and downtempo influences in perfect balance. Last year, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of his debut album, Chicane reimagined each of the tracks to release ‘Far From the Maddening Crowds – Evolution Mixes‘. Now, continuing down the downtempo road, the trance legend releases his ninth studio album. On the new album, Chicane said:

“it’s been a very exciting build up to the album’s full release, which to me is when it all properly comes to life. I hope people press play, listen to the whole thing from start to finish as it was intended to be heard, and really go on the journey that I went on.”

‘Nevertheless’ is very much oriented towards deep, introspective sounds. Something Chicane has taught us to appreciate and dance to throughout his brilliant career. It’s an inviting journey into a dreamy dimension where feelings float and soar. It’s a mature album designed for a blissful experience. It consists of 13 tracks, and 13 chapters that form an exciting, immersive tapestry. The album features a handful of collaborations with Paul Aiden, The Mannequin, C-Systems and Hanna Finsen.
Within a week of its release, Nevertheless topped the dance charts in nine different countries: Australia, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands, France, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. All evidence of the quality of this incredible work. Listen to the album below:


Image Credit: Michael Dangerfield / Provided by Armada PR