David Guetta Tomorrowland

David Guetta discusses his rise to stardom in YouTube shorts

David Guetta has earned the distinction of being one of the most influential and iconic artists in the history of dance music, playing at clubs and festivals around the world while his music has been the soundtrack of a generation. While his is a career that many will gain inspiration from as they try to emulate his massive success, he is a one of one and now fans and fellow producers can hear from him directly about his own journey to stardom.

In a series of YouTube shorts from The Pulse, the French DJ and producer discusses his early days of entering the electronic music world and how he got his start at the age of 14 DJing at friend’s parties and local events. The collection of short videos, the first one clocks in under three and a half minutes, is presented by Sennheiser, a global leader in audio equipment. In the first segment, Guetta discusses his early years while explaining the importance of both dreaming big but also having realistic expectations and goals in order to not get discouraged. For David Guetta, he says how his goals evolved regionally, looking first to play local clubs, before embarking out into the rest of Europe and beyond.

The full collection of videos spans eight total segments, with the last video showing Guetta reviewing the Sennheiser HD 25 DJ Headphones, but only after the previous seven videos give him a chance to talk about his monumental career. Whether you’re just a fan or have ambitions of your own career in electronic music, Guetta is entertaining and forthcoming in these shorts, giving incredible insight into his journey. You can watch the first episode of The Pulse below and stream all eight episodes on YouTube today to get an inside look into the exciting life of David Guetta.


Image Credit: Dan Reid

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