GRiZ releases an electronic saxophone hit with ‘SAXORiDDiM’: Listen

Music producer and saxophonist, GRiZ, has once again amazed fans with his latest release, SAXORiDDiM. Combining the melodies of his saxophone with electronic beats, GRiZ created a unique and exciting track that pushes the boundaries of blending genres. The track combines parts of funk, jazz, and EDM, which creates a sound that fans can instantly recognize as a GRiZ song. His way of creating music is something that gives him individuality and character.

One of the best parts of “SAXORiDDiM” is the saxophone segments that are played by GRiZ himself. He has a way of infusing his instruments into a track he produces. The saxophone in all of his songs is the key to knowing that GRiZ is the producer. His new track not only features elements of funk and jazz, but he always throws in a sound that is comparable to riddim or dubstep. Most of his songs fall along the lines of the sound created in this one, yet they are all unique in their own way. GRiZ is an amazing saxophone player, but his music-producing skills are also top-notch. Listening to “SAXORiDDiM” is sure to create feelings of joy and positive energy.

In conclusion, GRiZ’s “SAXORiDDiM” is proof of his artistry and musical talents. Anyone can tell that this is a skill that one must be born with and later perfect. With his huge and continuous fanbase, it is unfortunate to announce that he has decided to take an indefinite hiatus from touring.

“I’m not going to put a hard time limit length on the break.” – GRiZ(via Billboard)

Although it may be disappointing to fans, he will surely take the break he needs and come back even stronger as an artist. He will never lose his influence in the EDM community, and his rare sound will remain inspiring.

Listen to “SAXORiDDiM” below.

Image Credit: GRiZ (Press) / Provided by Urban Rebel PR

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