Icona Pop

Icona Pop releases new single ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ and tease new album

A decade after Icona Pop’s debut studio album This Is… Icona Pop, the duo returns with their new single Where Do We Go From Here teasing their new album. Their second studio album, Club Romantech releases on September 1, 2023.

Most fans of EDM may remember a duo from the mid-2010s whose chart-topping single I Love It featuring Charlie XCX dominated the radio waves with eclectic energy. 10 years later, Icona Pop has announced their triumphant return with their second studio album, Club Romantech in a Rotate press release. Hot off the heels of their May release, Shit We Do For Love, the group recently returned to release the first single off the album to give fans a taste of what’s in store. Speaking on their new album, the duo consisting of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt revealed that,
“’Where Do We Go From Here’ was one of the first songs we wrote in the fall of 2020 after realizing we couldn’t move back to LA because of the pandemic. Back in Stockholm, we formed a small crew to start making music and thought ‘what the fuck are we going to do now?’ Eclectic, fun, hard, pop, deep, mainstream, catchy, weird, late at night, early in the morning – always with a tear in the corner of the eye and a smile on our face. That’s how ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ feels and that’s how CLUB ROMANTECH feels too.”
Previous fans of the group may recognize that the vibe the group is going for with the album as being very in line with the roots of previous works. Where Do We Go From Here is no exception, giving fans a deep and electrifying track filled with hard-hitting beats and trance-inducing vocals. Whether you’re looking to lose yourself in a vibe or be transported by killer vocals, Icona Pop brings something for everyone with their new track.
When speaking on the new album, Caroline had this to say,
“As Icona Pop, we can release a pop tune or a super hard dance song, and that’s who we are. When we started to write this album, we didn’t have any rules. We just had a vision we wanted to share with our fans. We’re inviting them into our world.”
Aino adds,
“We put all of our problems and stress into what we’re doing. We love disguising our heartbreaks and sadness in uplifting songs you can dance to. It was a very emotional process, and it’s all in the music.”
Where Do We Go From Here does nothing but back up these statements, taking fans into a hopeful feeling of looking towards the future despite hard times. Check out Icona Pop’s second studio album Club Romantech September 1.

Image Credit: Icona Pop (Press) / Provided by Rotate Publicity