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Nelly Furtado makes her long-anticipated return alongside Dom Dolla on ‘Eat Your Man’: Listen

Eat Your Man’ is a seamless blend between Nelly Furtado’s sultry vocals with Dom Dolla’s sophisticated beats.

It’s finally out. ‘Eat Your Man’ has been eagerly awaited since the first rumours of a collaboration between Dom Dolla and Grammy Award winner Nelly Furtado. So let’s go back to where it all began. Late last year, the two performed together in an incredible, unforgettable and surprising performance on New Year’s Eve in Australia. Both were booked to perform at the acclaimed Beyond The Valley Festival, but no one expected these two shining stars to be on stage together. Remarkably, this performance was Nelly’s first in five years. It was the first indication that a collaboration between the two artists was imminent. Now the wait is over as the album ‘Eat You Man’ is already available on all major platforms via Three Six Zero Recording, Ministry Of Sound and Sony Music.
Nelly Furtado is back. Nelly Furtado is back and she didn’t make her comeback in secret, that’s for sure. For her first single in six years, the artist has teamed up with bubbly producer Dom Dolla to bring a mega-hit to the world. eat Your Man’ is inevitably reminiscent of ‘Maneater‘, and not just because of the allusion to man-eating. Nelly’s signature voice and chest-voiced rap tone are reborn here. It’s an ode to the artist’s classic hits and a clear homage to Nelly’s iconic lyricism, all wrapped up in a distinctive Dom Dolla production. On this bombastic collaboration, Dom Dolla says:

“Nelly first reached out to me after we were both booked to play Beyond The Valley Festival. She’d discovered my music not long before and was into what she heard. We immediately hit it off after hanging out and she mentioned that she was looking to start writing a bunch of new records and would love my input as a songwriter/producer. After a few days of writing she mentioned she would love to work on a club record together, and we began to put some ideas down. Not long after, ‘Eat Your Man’ was born. Nelly and I have since become really good friends – I even completed the mix down for this tune while house-sitting for her in LA. She’s the nicest pop star I’ve met thus far and is a joy to work with. The tune has since become a real moment in my DJ sets, I hope you guys like it as much as we do!”

Nelly Furtado adds:

“Meeting Dom has been an absolute blessing. We have a real creative synergy and trust when we work together – we hear music in a similar way and I am super inspired by his live shows. He’s reminded me how much fun music can be and for that I am grateful.”

‘Eat Your Man’ is refreshing, perfect to pace you this summer. Listen below:

Image Credit: Donslens / Provided by Listen Up