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Nile Rodgers offers insight on AI and Avicii

As a star who has decades of experience within the music industry, Nile Rodgers is revered both for his musical talent and contributions as well as his knowledge and insight into the entertainment world. Now the legendary guitarist and producer offers his own thoughts on the rising use of artificial intelligence in the crafting of music and art.

While talking to The Daily Star’s Wired column, Rodgers compares the rise of AI to the reaction that many purists first shared when drum machines and samplers first were introduced into the scene. While many traditionalists wax poetic about the quality of analog recordings and the importance of being a musician versus a producer who relies on computers and technology to craft songs, audiences as well as the charts have shown that the new technologies do coexist and help push the boundaries of sound and art. As a musician who has remained relevant and vital over decades of success, Nile Rodgers is certainly no stranger to change and his evolution has helped endear him to audiences time and time again.

While discussing the impact of AI and how he believes it will play a role for artists in the creative process, he also cited the work of Avicii and how he utilized drum machines and synthesizers to communicate the ideas in his head. Rodgers discusses how the late producer did not have a firm grasp on music theory and chord structure, but through technology was able to relate the melodies in his head to musicians and collaborators. Rodgers and Avicii did spend some time in the studio together back in 2013, but unfortunately for fans, those recordings remain unreleased.

While the use of AI will continue to be a topic of debate in the upcoming years, it has arrived and it seems Nile Rodgers is ready to embrace what the next generation can create with it.


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