Rave The Planet

Dr. Motte & Jam El Mar drop this year’s Rave The Planet hymn ‘Music is the Answer’: Listen

Music Is The Answer’ celebrates the Rave The Planet‘s values with heavy, saturated and captivating rave sounds.

After last year’s huge success, the second edition of the Rave The Planet parade is approaching. This socially and politically charged event returns to the streets of Berlin on July 8, calling all ravers into action. The motto of this year’s parade is ‘Music is the Answer’, which is also the name of its hymn. Penned by the father of the legendary Berlin Love Parade Dr. Motte and Jam El Mar, ‘Music is the Answer’ is available now for download and streaming via Rave The Planet, as their Supporter Series Vol. 016.

The Rave The Planet parade is a music event of a political nature. In a peaceful and loud way, the event aims to raise awareness about the preservation of electronic music and rave and club culture. In the same sense, it aims to draw attention to the need to recognise the cultural and social role of electronic music in society.

The Rave The Planet parade is the revival of the legendary Love Parade which first took place in Berlin in 1989. These love parades aimed to foster family and community spirit among ravers and all people. The aim of Rave The Planet is the same. It aims to unite the community in building a common power to make the world a better place. Equality, freedom, tolerance and love are undoubtedly the values that the parade defends and propagates. July 8 is the date set for the second edition of Rave The Planet and you are all invited.

‘Music is the Answer’ is the motto of this year’s parade and the track that serves as its anthem. The tune was recorded by Love Parade frontman Dr. Motte in collaboration with Jam El Mar from Jam & Spoon and also features vocals from Rave The Planet’s Ellen. Symbolic and as politically charged as the event itself, this track carries a message of love. Berlin is techno and those are the sounds celebrated in this captivating open-air smasher. It’s an anthem and an invitation, a collective voice. It has a revolutionary old-school spice, wrapped in some hypnotic keys arpeggio and a beautiful kick.The release of ‘Music is the Answer’ takes place very close to the parade and is also a call for donations. All sales and streamings go directly to Rave The Planet’s non-profit mission. The aim is to protect techno culture as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage and to keep up the spirit of the Berlin Love Parade alive.

Get involved in this initiative in defence of music, the planet and humanity. Find out all about the parade and how to take part here. Get into the spirit by listening to their energetic hymn.

Image Credit: Press / Provided by Push Hard