SkiiTour share new house anthem, ‘You Know’: Listen

For Canadian music duo SkiiTour, crafting high-energy house anthems is the best way to confront the cold weather of their native land and provide some heat and energy for their global fanbase. Now the duo has released their newest single on one of the world’s premier labels as they continue to make their mark on the electronic music landscape.

With the release of their latest single, You Know via BIJOU’s imprint, Do Not Duplicate Recordings, SkiiTour showcase their ability to craft infectious house anthems that translate from the radio to the dance floor. Having tested the song out earlier this year as the duo embarked on their 24-date APRAVÈS TOUR across Canada, they seemed to find a sound that resonated with the audience as it kept appearing on fans’ social media stories following the shows:

“We were working on a new piano-driven track that was sounding good but we felt it needed a vocal. We found this familiar acapella buried deep in some files we had and stuck it in as a temporary place holder. But the uplifting vocal worked so well and when we tested it at some shows it was the song that kept popping up in people’s IG stories. It is an upbeat feel-good track that is somewhat familiar but new at the same time. You know, right?”

With the You Know now available on streaming services, the upbeat house track is sure to make its way well beyond the borders of Canada as it makes its way onto playlists and live sets around the world.  The piano-driven melody immediately captures listeners, bringing them on a musical journey that will draw fans old and new to their sound and style.

Check out SkiiTour and their new single You Know now and discover the latest hitmakers from Canada.

Image Credit: Jan Snarski | Provided by GetIn PR

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