Charlotte de Witte

The Top 7 Most Fashionable Female Djs Currently on The Scene

There was a time, not so long ago when male DJs were dominating the music scene. However, recent years have seen a massive shift in the decks. It’s not surprising to walk into a party and find a female DJ mixing it up in the booth. 

Not only do these stunning fashionistas have incredible taste in music, but their style sense is raising eyebrows for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for a little insight into who the top DJs are to consider for your next club visit, this article is for you. Keep reading as we take a look at the names to keep an eye out for. 

Nina Kraviz

If you’re looking for a completely mesmerizing experience, then you’ll do well to memorize the name Nina Kraviz. With a high level of enthusiasm, Nina Kraiz is highly regarded by many to be one of the best female DJs in not only Europe but the world as well! 

You may already know her from her vocal collaboration with music legend Carl Cox when she worked with him on his “Phoenix ” single. Aside from captivating audiences with her unique vocals, this Russian-born DJ also creates a musical extravaganza every time she has a live show. Expect surreal visuals and enticing baroque drum patterns! 


Peggy Gou

Hailing from South Korea, Peggy Gou is a marvel in the electronic music scene, thanks largely to her exotic blend of techno and house, which in recent years has become the signature sound. 

Aside from an unmatched passion for any music related, this young DJ also has an energetic personality that adoring fans find easy to connect with. 2019 saw her launch her own independent record label, Gudu Records, and also released the now-famous DJ-Kicks compilation. 


Peggy Gou

Image Credit: Hong Jang Hyun / Provided by Glisten PR


Lindsay Luv

Not all DJs have started directly in the music scene. Lindsay Luv is one such act. Would you believe that this fashionista started out as an NYC manager booking emerging talent for Fortune 100 clients? 

After connecting with DJ Adam, Lindsay decided to take the big leap into DJing and made it big by performing in some of the hottest nightclubs, star-studded parties, and even private events. Her fashion sense also attracts attention wherever she goes. With her editorial designs, it’s clear this lady has impeccable style. If you want to look as cool as Lindsay, find the best places to buy silver and build up your fashion with unique jewelry pieces!


Charlotte de Witte

Crowned as the Belgium Techno Queen, Charlotte de Witte is fast becoming one of the greatest names on the techno music scene. From this leading lady, you can expect nothing less than robust, industrial sounds, which have earned her high levels of recognition and praise from anyone who enjoys techno music. 

Her record label KNTXT and extended six-hour sets prove that both her attitude and music style is a tough force to be reckoned with.



Charlotte de Witte

Image credit: Marie Wynants / Provided by SEQUEL PR

Jilly Hendrix

If you think it’s unusual to find a romantic writer mixing it up on the decks, think again. American DJ Jilly Hendrix will quickly prove you wrong! As the co-host of the podcast Lady Lovin’ campaign, this all-American girl encourages diversity in topics mostly related to life and love.

In addition to her DJ skills, she’s also known for her #NotesToMySelfie Instagram account. She has also showcased her DJ skills at events for companies such as Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and of course, GAP. 


Alison Wonderland

Another DJ making waves in the music industry is Alexander Margo Sholler, or Alison Wonderland, as she is more commonly known. As a trained cellist, this Australian-born DJ has a keen ear for creating inspirational music. 

Part of her accolades includes being awarded the “Highest Female DJ Billing Ever at Coachella as well as twice debuting at the top of the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. 



Grammy-nominated DJ, Jlin, or Jerrilynn Patton to her family, is well-known for her complex and intriguing album, Black Origami. In addition to draining influences from both African and Indian Music and Chicago house, this talented young artist also remixes songs by other artists. 


Her ability to curate events and create fantastic sound installations makes her an all-around artist, well worth listening to. It’s also no wonder that she has risen to become one of the more influential and distinctive women in electronic music. 


If you’re watching a Nervo gig for the first time, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re seeing double. That’s because the Australian DJ duo, Nervo, is made up of twins Olivia and Miriam Nervo. 


They rose to fame in 2008 when they partnered with Fredrik Olsson and co-wrote the Grammy Award-winning single “When Love Takes Over.” More recently, their music has been used in a mini art film for the Las Vegas mega-club Omnia. 

Final Thoughts

Although our list only features seven of the top female DJs, the good news is they’re not alone. These entertainers are just a handful of trailblazing female artists proving you can do anything you set your mind to. And, if it happens to be creating new and interesting music, we say, please, play on! 

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