Third Party

Third Party unleashes new release ‘Keep On Loving You’

Renowned electronic music duo Third Party continues to impress and push boundaries with their latest release, “Keep On Loving You.”

Following a string of highly sought-after IDs, including the acclaimed “Thee Chords (So High)” on their own label, the duo unveils yet another musical gem. Inspired by their unforgettable mainstage debut at Tomorrowland, Third Party effortlessly captivates listeners yet again with the release of “Keep On Loving You.” Another irresistible combination of infectious energy and melodic charm.

From its very introduction at the heart of Boom, the track exudes the potential to become an instant classic. After nearly a year of anticipation, Third Party presents its newest progressive house masterpiece, fulfilling the eager expectations of its devoted fanbase. This release marks their second offering of the year, building excitement and setting the stage for their highly anticipated return to Tomorrowland during the second weekend.

With each release, Third Party continues to solidify its position as one of the leading acts in the electronic music scene. Their ability to consistently produce quality music that resonates with fans is a testament to their talent and creative vision. As they embark on their musical journey, fans eagerly await the next chapter in Third Party’s ever-evolving story, knowing that they can expect nothing less than brilliance and innovation.

While anticipation builds for their highly anticipated collaboration with Martin Garrix, listeners can indulge in the captivating sounds of “Keep On Loving You.” Stream the track below and experience the irresistible blend of pulsating beats and uplifting melodies that Third Party consistently delivers.

Image Credits: Sam Neill

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